Roku Activation

Activate your Roku by obtaining the Roku activation code

Roku has brought about a storm in the world of streaming TV over the internet. The Roku device supports multiple digital media platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and the like. With a Roku streaming player, it is simpler than ever before for you to stream your favorite TV shows and movies. Skinny bundles have become today’s norm as more and more people tend to cut the cords.

If you have a participating TV provider credential or a skinny bundle subscription, you can stream channels on Roku. To facilitate the needs of various users, Roku offers a number of different devices. For example, if you need a compact device to connect only over a wireless network, you’ve got the Roku streaming stick.

Whereas, there are also devices such as the Roku Ultra which you can connect over both a wired and wireless network. However, in order to use these devices, you must activate it after you get Roku activation code. Read on ahead to know more about the activation steps that you should follow to activate Roku.


Know how to link your Roku streaming device to your TV

Usually, with a Roku kit, you’d get an AC power adapter, a USB cable, a Roku remote, batteries and the Roku player. Additionally, you will also need an HDMI cable that supports HDCP 2.2 and in some cases an audio and video cable. It is important to use an HDMI cable that supports HDCP2.2 so as to prevent the purple screen error. At the same time, the HDMI input on your TV should also support the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection technology.

After locating the HDMI input on your smart TV, connect one end of the cable to that port. Another end of the HDMI cable goes into the corresponding port of the Roku device. This is the foremost action that you should take during the Roku link code process.

Signing into your Roku account on your TV

A Roku account keeps track of all the Roku devices that you are using. It is simple to generate a Roku account after you get Roku activation code on your Roku player. Also, by visiting the create account website, you can sign up and create an account for yourself. But in event of you already having an account in place, you can use that to sign into the Roku device. Use the Roku’s USB cable that you got and connect one end of it to the Roku player. The other end should go into a power source, bet it the TV’s USB port or the adapter.

  • But, in case you see a solid red color light on Roku, disconnect the USB from TV. The red light indicates inadequate power supply to the streaming device.
  • In this case, insert the USB cable into Roku’s AC adapter and then plug it into a power socket.
  • For example, if you connect the HDMI cable to the second HDMI port on the TV, choose the input HDMI2.
  • Roku logo will appear on the screen of your TV, and then display the prompts for selecting your language.
  • Choose the language you want to use on Roku and then connect to your home network.
  • After this, follow the Roku setup process discussed below and enter your pre-existing Roku account credentials to sign into Roku on your TV.

How can one obtain the Roku activation code

When you are setting up the Roku device for the very first time, you have to choose the language. Immediately after this, do the Roku setup by connecting it to a wired or wireless network. Remove the back cover and insert the batteries into the Standard IR remote or the Enhanced “Point Anywhere” remote. An Enhanced “Point Anywhere” remote will automatically, without any intervention, pair with your Roku streaming player. A standard IR remote will require you to place it in line-of-sight with Roku. To select the ‘Wired’ or ‘Wireless’ options, just highlight them using the navigation keys and press the ‘OK’ button.


Roku Setup over a Wired Network connection

If you choose the ‘Wired network’ option, then establish a link between your Roku and Router with an Ethernet cable. So that the Roku streaming player can get access to the internet, power on your Router. As faulty cables lead to poor connections, make sure the Ethernet cable is in a working condition.

Roku Setup over a Wireless Network connection

In the event of you selecting the ‘Wireless’ option on Roku, the device will search for available networks. Highlighting and selecting your home network, key in the correct SSID or the network user name. The on-screen keyboard feature on Roku player will help you accomplish this task with ease. In the succeeding step, enter your home network’s unique case sensitive password and then press ‘OK’. A prompt will display on Roku indicating that the device is making connections to the networks. You’ll see green check marks next to the toggle options ‘Your Wireless Network’, ‘Your Local Network’ and ‘The Internet’.

Updating the newest software available in the market

The Roku activation code will not appear if your Roku device cannot update the latest software. During the initial Roku setup, the device will connect to Roku servers after you establish a network connection. Thereafter, it will download the newest firmware or software available in the Roku server. This will also happen every 24 to 36 hours when Roku randomly checks for a software update.

Choosing a display type on your Roku player

When Roku completes updating the software, you’ll see an option to ‘Set display type’. Choosing that option, a prompt will pop-up on your TV screen where Roku spontaneously detects the resolution or display. HDMI  Select ‘Yes, screen looks good’ if the display type is up to your expectation. Or else select ‘No, I will choose a different setting’ and manually set the type of display you want. The display type can vary from 720 pixels and 1080 pixels to 4K and 4K HDR.

Changing the preset display type on your Roku streaming player

If you want to reconfigure the display type that you initially set during the Roku setup, go to settings. Selecting the ‘Display Type’ option under ‘Settings’, choose the resolution you want by pressing ‘OK’. Roku will once again detect if your TV’s HDMI input supports the display type that you chose. You’ll see a green checkmark next to the display type. Or else, you’ll be seeing a red cross mark next to it, but you have the option of forcing the desired output.

Activating Roku by visiting the website

  • After you set the display type, the device will throw a Roku activation code on your TV screen.
  • Note down this Roku activation code on a sheet of paper and then get a hold of a mobile device or laptop.
  • Launch a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on the device and visit the website com/link.
  • An empty field where you can enter the Roku activation code will display on the webpage.
  • Key in the Roku activation code that you see on your TV screen and then click on ‘Submit’. Completing this step, you have to sign in to your Roku account to link your device to it.
  • The forthcoming webpage will show two options saying ‘Yes, I already have one’ and ‘No, I need to create one’.
  • In case you have a pre-existing account, choose ‘Yes, I already have one’ and then sign in.
  • Conversely, tap on ‘No, I need to create one’ and wait for the next web page to load. Creating a Roku account freeof charge is easier and simpler than you might have thought.
  • By entering your First Name, Last Name, Email ID and a unique case sensitive password, tap on continue.
  • Set up a Roku PIN to secure the purchases you make on the Roku channel store. Tapping on continue once again, select the channels you want to add. Now, scroll down to the end of the page and then select continue one last time and wait for the channels to update on Roku.
  • You will encounter the com/link not workingproblem if the Roku service is unresponsive temporarily.

Setting up the Roku PIN during Roku activation

Setting up a Roku PIN will protect and secure your account from unauthorized purchases. Without this PIN, it is impossible for anyone else to make a channel or bundle app purchases on Roku. Once you register with your email ID, you can set up the Roku account PIN.

How can one get a new Roku link code

  • When you get Roku activation code, you have to use it within the next 15 minutes or it’ll expire.
  • Whenever your Roku activation code becomes invalid, press the * key on your Roku remote.
  • Select the option that says ‘Get a new code’ in order to generate a new Roku activation code.
  • Once again, return to the com/link website on your mobile device and enter this new code.

Linking your Roku streaming player to your phone

The Roku mobile app enables the linking of your smartphone to your Roku streaming device. It serves as an alternative to your Standard IR and Enhanced “Point Anywhere” Roku remotes.Download the Roku mobile app from either Google Play Store or Apple Store depending on your mobile device.Though the Roku mobile app has all the functionalities of the Roku remote, you cannot use the app unless you power on the Roku player. You will have to press the power button on your Roku remote to accomplish this.

Know about the various Free and paid Roku Channels

  • Some of the free channels on your Roku streaming player include Pluto TV, The Roku Channel, PBS Kids, Crackle, NewsOn, Comet, The CW App, Tubi TV, Twitch etc.
  • There are numerous paid channels that you can watch on the Roku streaming player. Some of them are ABC, FX, NBC, HBO, CBS, FOX, Starz, ESPN, SHOWTIME, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix etc
  • The music streaming apps on Roku are Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, Vevo, Amazon Music etc.
  • A lot of private channels or hidden channels are also available on the Roku player. But to add or to view these channels on Roku, you require a unique access code. Since these codes vary with each channel, you can call up the Roku customer support to access them.

How can you get Roku activation code for Netflix

You can stream Netflix, the popular media streaming app on the Roku player by sign into it. However, apart from the Roku activation code during the initial Roku setup, you’ll not need a code for Netflix. You will only need to execute the Roku Netflix sign in to stream the shows of Netflix on Roku. If you enter invalid Netflix credentials, the Roku Netflix sign in will not go through.

Troubleshooting some of the errors on Roku

Pairing issues on the Enhanced “Point Anywhere” Remote

When the Enhanced “Point Anywhere” Remote of does not pair with Roku, then remove the back cover over batteries. Pressing the Roku’s pairing button for a few seconds, wait for a light to flash on the remote. The remote will now pair with your Roku player and you’ll see a pop-up on your TV indicating it.

Rectifying the Roku Error Codes 003 and 009

The Roku error code 009 is an error that pops-up on Roku when the device can connect to your Router but is unable to connect to the internet. Check if you can gain access to the internet on another device and reset your Roku if you can. When you infer that no internet connection exists, then call up your Internet Service Provider.

Sometimes, you will encounter the Roku error code 003 when Roku is unable to update the software. This might be because the Roku service is down but usually, it boils down to a faulty network connection. Worry not, as this error is reparable by resetting and or restarting your Roku and Router. If many devices share your home network, try reducing the number of devices that you connect to it. When the problem persists, call up Roku customer support to resolve this issue and many others like them.


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